Beachfront property on Lake Buchanan
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Splash Boat Rentals

Are you and your family looking for some fun on the lake but don't have your own equipment? At Splash Boat Rentals and Sales you can rent ski boats, pontoon boats, jet skis, water toys, and more! Splash Boat Rentals even has the newest models that you can drive! In order to drive the jet skis you must be at least 18 years old and in order to drive the boats you must be 21 years old. Your rentals can be delivered to your dock directly or you can come and to the waterfront location.

Rentals are available hourly, for a half of a day (4 hours), for a full day (8 hours), or for multiple days.

There are a couple of important things to keep in mind! Prices do not include gas and sales tax. All rentals require a credit card, a valid driver's license, and a boating license. It is also important to note the 14 day cancellation policy!

Jet skis sit three people and are $75 per hour, $295 for 4 hours, or $395 for 8 hours. The 6 person Ski Boat is not available to rent by the hour. It is $295 for 4 hours and $395 for 8 hours! Ski Boats with a wakeboard tower are for a maximum of eight people and cost $425 for 4 hours and $575 for 8 hours.

Rent Paddle Boards and single or double Kayaks for $65 a day! Water toys include tubes, skis, kneeboards, kid skis, wakeskate, wakeboard, surfboard, and more!

All boats come with safety life jackets for the maximum capacity and 2 universal ski vests for adults.

Splash Boat Rentals hopes to help you have the best time possible while in Texas, so if you are looking for something to do, rent a boat and enjoy the lake in the warm sun!